Fabrication Workflow Software

Cut parts directly from CAD & BIM.

PypeServer’s industrial cutting software allows you to easily cut parts directly from your CAD and BIM systems on multiple machines.


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How it Works

Take spool designs from a broad range of CAD and BIM tools to eliminate machine programming

Pull from CAD and BIM

Takes spool designs from a broad range of CAD and BIM tools to eliminate machine programming.

Advanced Nesting

Advanced nesting minimizes waste and generates weld-ready cuts to streamline your fabrication floor.

Cut on Multiple Machines

Works with multiple brands of machines to cut pipe, tube, all-thread, rebar...Whatever you cut.

Label Your Parts

Prints customizable QR-coded labels that link to spool sheets and other online documents.

PypeServer Works With the Systems You Use

PypeServer works with the industry’s leading CAD and BIM software so you can go straight from design to fabrication.

Originally born to support a single pipe cutting machine, PypeServer now supports multiple brands and connects with more than a dozen CAD and BIM software tools.

Send spool designs and parts lists directly to your machines and use advance machine programming to cut parts without the need for manual detailing.  When you're finished, cut status and data are pushed directly into your BIM or CAD software.

PypeServer Fabrication Workflow Software

Works with Pipe, Tube, All-Thread, Strut, Rebar, Lumber … whatever you cut.

Select parts to cut directly in AutoCAD, Revit, eVolve, SysQue, MSUITE and Stratus.  PypeServer works with multiple machine brands and lets you track part status in your CAD or BIM software.

Cut Pipe & Custom Fittings

Pull designs directly from CAD/BIM to fabricate utility, wastewater, and irrigation pipe.

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Cut Unistrut Assemblies

Cut unistrut to length and build metal framing fabricatons based on building plans.

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Rebar & Structural Steel

Fabricate structural steel and rebar in the shop for easier installation in the field.

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Lumber, Vinyl, Steel & PVC

Cut stock on any stop saw in combination with PypeServer with automated machine programming.

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Learn how PypeServer grew to become the industry leader.

From humble beginnings to the #1 fabrication workflow software in the market.

The PypeServer suite of products help fabricators of all sizes cut parts on the shop floor directly from CAD designs and BIM models. PypeServer Lyte runs on almost any stop cut saw, and PypeServer Enterprise runs the largest machines in the market.


automation leader

since 2010.

More than 150

fabrication shop


#1 fabrication

workflow software

in the market.

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PypeServer Industrial Cutting Software

Delivers a Fast Return on Investment and Savings for Years

The average fabrication shop cutting 30 parts per day can save as much as $6,000 per month using the PypeServer software.  Pulling detailed part designs directly from CAD and BIM tools allows you to automate machine programming, minimize material waste, and reduce labor costs. 

Automate Machine Programming

Reduce labor costs by eliminating the manual tasks associated with machine programming and CAD detailing.

Reduce Labor with Weld-ready Cuts

Produce beautiful, weld-ready cuts and free your team up from time consuming fit-up labor associated with manual cutting.

Save on Material Costs

PypeServer’s advance nesting functionality manages pipe and drop inventory to save materials and control costs.

Increase the Productivity of your Machines

Pull designs directly from CAD or BIM tools and cut finished parts on almost any machine to streamnline your fabrication shop.

The #1 industrial cutting software on the market.

Since 2010 PypeServer has been the industry leader in machine automation for industrial cutting.

Learn why more than 150 satisfied customers choose PypeServer software to run their shop floors.

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Learn how PypeServer software works across multiple machine brands and with a variety of CAD and BIM tools to streamline the way your fabircation shop floor works.

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Eddie Morrill


The ability to learn the PypeServer program quickly and the ease of operation makes training new machine operartors easy.  It’s an easy transition between employees. 

Justin Powers


With PypeServer, we can nest multiple spools and even whole projects on one piece of pipe. Tasks that took a couple of hours before can now be done in 10 minutes.

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How A&R Mechanical saves time and money on the shop floor with PypeServer.

Learn how pipe cutting tasks that used to take hours can now be done in 10 minutes or less.