Fabrication Workflow Software

PypeServer Fabrication Workflow Software

Import parts lists and cut more efficiently across machines.

What products and services does PypeServer offer?

PypeServer currently offers four products:

  • Enterprise for large pipe cutting machines from Vernon, HGG, Machitech, Watts, and others
  • Lyte for TigerStop, RazorGage, Kentucky Gauge, and Scotchman manual saws
  • Connect, our free plugin for Revit and AutoCAD that makes it easy to select spools to cut with Enterprise or Lyte
  • Portal, for cloud collaboration, product support, and purchasing our products and licenses

Enterprise and Lyte both connect to a wide range of CAD and BIM tools, making it easy to get spools from design to fabrication with little or no machine programming, while their advanced nesting capabilities minimize waste.

My pipe profiler, positioner, or automated saw came with software, so why would I upgrade it with PypeServer?

First and foremost, PypeServer products will save you lots of time and money. Both Enterprise and Lyte connect to your CAD and BIM software to eliminate the need for machine programming and improve cut accuracy, while being very easy to use.

Second, our products offers advanced part nesting and real-time part status updates to reduce the impact of change orders. There’s also label printing with QR codes that can link to spool sheets, fit-up information, field instructions, or any other documents on your network.

Finally, both Enterprise and Lyte work seamlessly with PypeServer Connect and our Portal for cloud-based collaboration.

How much money can I save with PypeServer Enterprise?

It depends on how busy your shop is but there are three main sources of savings with Enterprise:

  1. elimination of pipe machine programming
  2. elimination or reduction of weld prep time
  3. more efficient use of pipe

If you use Enterprise to get spools directly from your CAD or BIM software, your machine operator can save 3 to 5 minutes of programming time per part. Similarly, Enterprise’s improved cut quality can save your welders at least a minute per cut in fit-up time or 3 to 5 minutes per part. Assuming an average fully burdened labor rate of $30/hour (50 cents per minute) and a total of 8 minutes saved per part, your shop will save $4 in labor per part. If you cut 250 parts per month, that amounts to about $1000 in labor savings per month. Busier shops and/or higher labor rates realize even greater savings.

Pipe material savings vary a lot depending on the size, type, and volume of pipe you cut. However, PypeServer’s highly optimized nesting algorithms and its ability to nest into your machine’s dead zone, commonly result in material savings of 5% or more.

You can get a more accurate savings estimate using our online tool at:


What machines are compatible with PypeServer Enterprise?

Enterprise is compatible with machines from Lincoln Electric (Vernon Tool), HGG, Machitech, Lone Star Cutting Systems, and pre-2020 Watts machines. If you’re purchasing a brand new Lincoln/Vernon or Machitech machine, it will come standard with Enterprise. Enterprise is an added-cost option for new HGG machines.

If you’re interested in upgrading an existing Vernon machine with Enterprise, it’s compatible with both the current generation VMD machines (serial numbers 7000+) as well as the prior generation VP machines (serial numbers 6211-6999).

If you’re interested in upgrading a pre-2020 Watts machine with Enterprise, please contact PypeServer. Between our software and the mechanical and electronic upgrades available from our partners, we can bring your older Watts machine up to better-than-new performance for a fraction of the cost of a new machine.

Will PypeServer Enterprise cut parts as well as my machine's stock software?

For most machines, Enterprise will produce better cuts than the machine’s own software, particularly with thick pipe. Enterprise accounts for plasma beam shape to ensure that the cut angle you want is the cut angle you actually get. It also uses both plasma kerf and actual measured pipe thickness to ensure that part lengths and hole diameters are as accurate as possible. Finally, Enterprise uses predictive motion algorithms to ensure that the torch speed is smooth and steady, preventing overburn and cut jitter. All of these factors reduce or eliminate the need for weld prep, thereby saving both time and money.

What's included with my annual fees?

The annual fee includes the following:
• licensing
• software updates
• additional training and support as necessary, and
• an extended warranty on all PypeServer-supplied computer hardware.

What if I want to change the options I license for PypeServer Enterprise?

No problem, you can change your options at any time. For example, it’s quite common for shops to bring in Enterprise and set it up to work with their CAD software prior to transitioning to a BIM system. PypeServer can be configured to operate with one or the other or both systems at the same time to support a more gradual transition. Licenses can be changed with just a phone call and any fee changes are pro-rated to your renewal date.

What if I replace my Enterprise-equipped pipe profiler?

Because PypeServer runs with its own dedicated computer and communicates with your pipe profiler over the network, it’s simple and relatively inexpensive to transfer an existing Enterprise installation to a different machine.

What CAD/BIM packages are compatible with PypeServer Enterprise and Lyte?

PypeServer’s software works with most common BIM and CAD packages, including Revit, GTP STRATUS, MSUITE FabPro, eVolve Mechanical, Trimble SysQue, Victaulic Tools for Revit, , Tekla, Codeware COMPRESS, AutoCAD, CADWorx, SolidWorks, SpoolCAD, Acorn, and others. Our connections to STRATUS and MSUITE are API-based and fully bidirectional.

PypeServer Enterprise and Lyte can also import a wide variety of file formats, including PCF, CSV, IFC, and STP.

Can I use PypeServer Enterprise and Lyte with more than one CAD/BIM package?

Yes. You can use multiple CAD or BIM tools and configure Enterprise and Lyte to accept data from all of them. PypeServer products are designed to easily adapt as you upgrade or change your design software over time (e.g. adding BIM software, changing Revit plug-ins, etc.) and scale up as your shop grows and adds new machines.

How is PypeServer Enterprise set up to work with my pipe machine?

Enterprise runs on a small, dedicated server computer that’s typically placed near your pipe profiling machine for use by your machine operator. Both the Enterprise computer and your pipe profiling machine are networked together to allow Enterprise to put control files in a shared folder on the machine computer. After selecting which parts are to be cut and nesting them, Enterprise will write a control file to the machine computer. The file is selected using the machine’s own software, the torch is positioned, and the parts are then cut in a single operation.

By joining Enterprise to your company network, any authorized user in your design office or elsewhere on your network can run Enterprise remotely without having to go down to the shop floor. This is convenient if you want your designers to be responsible for pulling spools into Enterprise and/or nesting the parts before cutting.

How much downtime should I expect during Enterprise installation?

The downtime for your pipe profiling machine is limited to the time it takes to get it on your network, if it isn’t already, and to set up a shared network folder for Enterprise’s command files. These tasks will typically take your computer support person just a few minutes and they can be done prior to installing Enterprise whenever the pipe profiler isn’t active.

It takes about 30 minutes to physically assemble the PypeServer stand-up desk and computer. Once that’s done, the computer is connected to your network and given access to the pipe profiler’s shared network folder. These tasks don’t impose any downtime on the machine and even after everything is set up, the pipe profiler’s software will continue to function as a backup.

Is PypeServer Enterprise cloud-based and will my machine go down if I lose internet access?

No. For maximum reliability Enterprise runs locally on its own computer and doesn’t require internet connectivity, not even for its extensive built-in help catalog of videos and documents.

We do prefer to use the internet if available for troubleshooting, software updates, license renewals, and other services. For customers who have no internet access in their shop or who prefer to stay offline, we have alternative offline procedures available.

How do you support your customers?

PypeServer has dedicated customer support personal available Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Pacific time. We also use an online support service that can be accessed from the PypeServer application or a link on the PypeServer computer desktop.

Do you offer additional training for machine operators?

PypeServer support will provide as much time as needed to ensure your machine operator is comfortable using the software.

How much does PypeServer charge for its products and services?

PypeServer Enterprise is priced with an up-front component for the software and hardware plus an annual fee for licensing, updates, and support. The exact pricing depends on your configuration, including the number and type of machines, the number of importers, the number of remote seats, and whether you need label printing. Please contact PypeServer by email at sales@pypeserver.com or by phone at 425-333-7736 to discuss in detail.

PypeServer Lyte for TigerStop, RazorGage, Kentucky Gauge, and Scotchman manual machines costs $150/month or $1500/year. Lyte can run on the Windows computer built-in to your RazorGage or TigerTouch module or you can run it on your own computer. PypeServer can also supply ruggedized laptops to run Lyte.

The PypeServer Connect plugins for Revit and AutoCAD are free.

The PypeServer Portal cloud collaboration tool is free for the first year and $500/year thereafter for each account.

Pricing for Lyte, Connect, and the cloud collaboration tool can be found on the PypeServer Portal once you create an account.

How many sites are running PypeServer Enterprise?

PypeServer Enterprise in installed at approximately 150 sites.