Fabrication Workflow Software

Machitech Pipe Profilers with PypeServer Software

State-of-the-art workflow and cut quality on Machitech tube and pipe cutting solutions.

Reduce the costs of pipe fitting, grinding and filling by cutting parts more accurately. PypeServer provides actual CNC cut-paths that account for cutter kerf, plasma beam divergence, custom bevels, root gap offsets, torch swirl direction, lead-ins, lead-outs and pierce angles.

Eliminate paper parts lists with PypeServer’s spool importing and job planning that schedules and tracks every part through cutting.

Update Change Orders

Easily update change orders and track jobs by knowing what has been cut – and when.

Advanced Nesting

Save hours by nesting parts right at the machine, where operators maximize pipe use and quickly respond to welders’ needs.

Label Parts

Optional: Uniquely label parts with CAD Design IDS, pipe heat numbers, QR codes, customer, job, and spool number.

PypeServer Fabrication Workflow Software

Import parts lists and cut more efficiently on Machitech machines. 

Select parts to cut directly in AutoCAD, Revit, eVolve, SysQue, MSUITE and Stratus.  PypeServer works with Machitech’s multi-axis pipe profiling machines and lets you track part status in your CAD or BIM software.

Import Spools from CAD

  • Reduce machine programming and eliminate costly mistakes
  • Link parts to CAD designs and easily re-import changes

Automatically Nest on Pipe

  • Easily nest at the machine
  • Automatically nest from a scheduled list
  • Nest on drops

Cut, Label and Track

  • Increase machine output by cutting entire nestings without operator intervention
  • Make accurate cuts with powerful PypeServer NC machine control
  • Automatically track cut and job completion

Design Parts, Manage Jobs

  • Plan and manage all your jobs in one place
  • Design parts in 3D without CAD expertise