Fabrication Workflow Software

TigerStop Systems with PypeServer Software

PypeServer Lyte lets you cut parts straight from BIM / CAD on TigerStop machines.

PypeServer Lyte brings the power and intelligence of PypeServer Enterprise to TigerStop machines simplifying workflows from CAD, through detailing, cutting, assembly, install, and inventory tracking.

PypeServer lets everyone work more efficiently, including VDC managers, detailers, job planners, estimators, shop foremen, machine operators, and on-site installers.

Update Change Orders

Easily update change orders and track jobs by knowing what has been cut – and when.

Advanced Nesting

Nest parts across multiple pieces of stock and easily prioritize cutting order while minimizing material waste.

Label Parts

Label printing is built-in to Lyte with custom label formats, QR codes, and a wide range of label data.

PypeServer Fabrication Workflow Software

Import parts lists and cut more efficiently on TigerStop machines. 

Select parts to cut directly in AutoCAD, Revit, eVolve, SysQue, MSUITE and Stratus.  PypeServer works with TigerStop tools and lets you track part status in your CAD or BIM software.

Import Parts Directly from CAD or BIM

  • Works with a wide range of design software
  • Select pipe, tube, hangers, channel, anything you cut!
  • Transfer part data to Lyte via files or the cloud

Automatically Nest Parts to Minimize Waste

  • Prioritize specific parts within a job
  • Use up old drops and bundle stock
  • Nest around defects

Cut Parts Faster & More Flexibly

  • Cut whole sticks in one operation
  • Works in both push and stop mode
  • Interrupt jobs without losing your place

Powerful Labeling and Status Reporting

  • Customize your labels with text, graphics, and QR codes
  • Works with any ZPL-compatible printer
  • Cut progress reported to the cloud in real-time