Understanding the new eVolve Mechanical Integration
August 17, 2021
Written by PypeServer

We’re pleased to announce that eVolve Mechanical now has a PypeServer plug-in. The new plug-in lets eVolve users export spools from Revit in PypeServer’s native PSVR file format.

Once installed, the PypeServer plug-in appears in the eVolve ribbon as a PypeServer logo in the “Integrations” section:

To use the export function, just select the spools you want to cut, click the “PypeServer Export” button, and select a location to save the file.
After importing all the spools in the file, PypeServer gives the shop the opportunity to add root gaps and tweak designs for manufacturability.

A powerful automated nesting algorithm then minimizes material waste and accounts for seam locations while allowing the operator to avoid pipe defects and associate the heat number with every cut part. For critical holes and bevels in thick pipe, the operator can enter the actual measured pipe wall thickness and PypeServer will optimize the cuts for maximum accuracy.

The PypeServer plug-in for eVolve Mechanical will be available starting in September, 2021.

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