SPOOLCAD and PypeServer integration gives modern pipe fitters a decided advantage
March 17, 2023
Written by PypeServer

SPOOLCAD makes it easy to produce Accurate pipe spool drawings speed up fabrication

SPOOLCAD is software designed specifically to make spool drafting enjoyable. It’s an intuitive platform that enables users to quickly generate precise drawings with detailed instructions ready for fabrication – giving companies a significant boost in productivity.

Because the software is pipe spec-driven it improves design accuracy which can reduce costly mistakes on the shop floor.  Project management tools ensure that customer standards are followed.  For example, defining project approved pipe specs, drawing appearance, weld gap schedules and drawing borders are all customizable. A passive background piping design checker alerts the user when straying from the correct piping design protocols.  This cutting-edge time-saver is perfect for any contractor looking to improve their fabrication processes.

Using pipe spool drawings to cut parts on the shop floor

Producing accurate and detailed pipe spool drawings ready for fabrication means capturing details that support pipe profiling machines on the shop floor. SPOOLCAD uses automated isometric dimensioning and a sub-dimension feature for small fitting outlets. This allows designers to note main runs, branches, and specify fittings like SOCKOLETS and WELDOLETS. SPOOLCAD then automatically generates a BOM with pipe cut lengths and individual fittings to accommodate heat number variance.  Finally, weld lists are generated and tagged for each weld in the drawing. Together these details let fabricators work faster and produce more accurate assemblies. 

Connecting SPOOLCAD drawings to your pipe profiler just got easier with PypeServer

PypeServer closes the gap with popular pipe profiler brands like Vernon, HGG, Machitech, Lone Star, and pre-2020 Watts machines.  Traditionally, converting pipe spool drawings into executable instructions for machines on the shop floor involved manual CAD detailing.  PypeServer automates the process by translating drawing details into fabrication instructions for the pipe profiler.  Cut lists are generated directly from the SPOOLCAD bill of material and details like nominal pipe size, connector type, and fitting type are noted.  With PypeServer’s O-Let Lookup Table feature the location, hole size, angle of fitting, and fitting type are automatically directed to the profiler for weld-ready cuts. 

Next Steps for contractors and pipe fitters

The key to improving your fabrication workshop lies in understanding how a fully connected workflow from model to fabrication to assembly works. A fully connected workflow has the potential to revolutionize a fabrication workshop by streamlining processes, automating manual, time consuming tasks and allowing for more accurate results. SPOOLCAD offers a free trial to help drafters see how the software builds accurate fabrication ready pipe spool drawings.  PypeServer has a robust resource center and also provides free product demos to showcase advanced workflow automation in action.  Get in touch today to see how you can take your shop to the next level!

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