The #1 upgrade you need for your TigerStop, TigerSaw, RazorGage, Kentucky Gauge or Scotchman RG
March 17, 2022
Written by PypeServer

TigerStop, RazorGage, Kentucky Gauge, and other tools come with factory software. Why should I upgrade them with PypeServer software?

Fabricators are designing increasingly complex parts using computer aided drawing tools (CAD and BIM), which has pushed the limits of the software that runs many machines.  Additionally, many shops use multiple design packages and/or take designs from customers in multiple formats, further complicating the process of fabricating those designs on the shop floor. 

Traditionally, manual CAD detailing has bridged the gap between part designs and the saw operator.  Manual detailing is time-consuming, takes skill, and is subject to human error.  Many shops are struggling to find and retain the skilled labor necessary to keep up with demand. 

PypeServer Lyte was released to bring the automation capability of larger tools to smaller tools, like the TigerStop, used in all types of production.  Whether you’re cutting pipe, tube, all-thread, strut, rebar, lumber, or anything else, fabricators are gaining an edge on cutting parts directly from CAD designs.  In turn, this is minimizing material waste, reducing human error, and saving money on expensive, high-value parts.

PypeServer Lyte works seamlessly with a wide range of CAD and BIM design tools.

PypeServer Lyte works with most CAD and BIM design tools on the market today including Revit, AutoCAD, Trimble SysQue, MSUITE FabPro, GTP STRATUS, eVolve Mechanical, Victaulic Tools for Revit, Tekla, ProCAD SPOOLCAD, SOLIDWORKS, AcornPipe / SpoolFab, Codeware COMPRESS, and Ship Constructor.  This is just a partial list, because PypeServer Lyte is compatible with any software that can produce PCF, STEP, CSV, or other standard files. 

PypeServer’s products, with their ability to import parts and spools from a wide range of design tools, save lots of machine programming time.  This capability is especially helpful in shops that use multiple design packages in-house (e.g., AutoCAD and Revit).  PypeServer Lyte is cloud-enabled, so in addition to importing parts using files exported from your CAD software, you can import parts and spools from anyone connected to your cloud workgroup. 

Works with pipe, tube, all-thread, strut, rebar, lumber…Whatever you cut.

Until recently most shop automation was focused on large complex fabrication tasks for infrastructure or commercial mechanical construction.  However, smaller manufacturers and fabricators working with copper, PVC, lumber, all-thread, rebar, strut and other materials are finding advantages in adding automation to manual cutting. 

Upgrading saws and snappers with enhanced machine automation increases the value of an otherwise ordinary cutting tool.  Features like efficient nesting algorithms minimize material waste while giving you full flexibility to change cut priorities.  Automation also helps avoid defects in the material, re-use drops, and gain visibility on production status, solving numerous real-world fabrication challenges.

Simplify training for machine operators.

For manufacturers who see a degree of turnover among machine operators, Lyte greatly enhances the overall productivity of the shop floor by simplifying the training process and reducing human error on cut parts.  PypeServer Lyte  gives you a common user interface and workflow for all your Lyte-driven tools.  If your company has a mix of RazorGage, TigerStop, TigerSaw, Kentucky Gauge, Scotchman, and even manual saws, PypeServer Lyte will make them all operate alike, facilitating training and allowing operators to move from one tool to another with ease.

From pre-built homes to RV manufacturers, by adding a Lyte-driven TigerStop or RazorGage any shop that cuts linear material can gain efficiency advantages for their smaller tools that have historically been reserved for larger machines. 

Cut status tracking and part inventory management

Improved inventory management has an immediate impact on the bottom line by reducing carrying costs and enhancing order fulfillment.  As an upgrade to machines like the TigerStop, PypeServer Lyte updates the status of cut parts in real time ensuring visibility upstream to help manage change orders and preventing accidental re-cuts.  In addition, labels can be printed using any information available in the model and can include QR codes that can link to spool sheets, fit-up information, field instructions, or any other documents on your network.

Upgrading stop saws and positioners with PypeServer Lyte software offers a fast ROI.

Any investment in property, plant, and equipment must show a return on the capital spent to make the upgrade worthwhile.  With a modest price point, PypeServer Lyte software is an excellent upgrade to TigerStop, RazorGage, Kentucky Gauge, and Scotchman tools.  Not only does the software quickly pays for itself with increased productivity, simplified operator training, and reduced waste and it enhances the overall value of the machine by automating the import of CAD-designed parts.

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