New 3D Spool Viewer extends the digital workflow from design to cutting to assembly.
February 28, 2023
Written by PypeServer

PypeServer releases free 3D Spool Viewer for a full end-to-end workflow from design to cutting to assembly.

The new Spool Viewer software feature of PypeServer’s free Cloud Service extends the reach of their digital workflow beyond cutting and all the way through assembly in the shop and the field. Now it’s easy to view fully dimensioned and tagged spools on any web-compatible device just by scanning the QR code on a part label or going to our web portal. This means busy fabrication shops can reduce or eliminate the need for spool sheets on the shop floor and in the field. 

With PypeServer’s free Cloud Service,  you can monitor real-time fabrication progress, create projects, workgroups, and even direct jobs to specific machines more easily and efficiently than ever. And now with the addition of spool viewing, even small and medium-sized shops can afford a full digital workflow and shop automation.

Feature Highlights:

  • Spool viewing on any web-compatible device.
  • Easily view fully dimensioned and tagged spools.
  • Extend workflow from design to cutting to assembly.
  • Prefab in the shop and fabricate in the field.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduce or eliminate the need for paper spool sheets.
  • Improve fabrication and assembly times.
  • Make your workplace more efficient and environmentally friendly.

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PypeServer is revolutionizing the digital model-to-fabrication workflow! With innovative tools such as Enterprise, Lyte, Connect, and Cloud, users can connect BIM|CAD models with pipe profilers, stop saws, and positioners to gain efficiency in part cutting and other fabrication processes. An open integration framework also allows users to easily connect to the BIM or CAD modeling tool of choice — making it easier than ever for teams to communicate and collaborate. PypeServer puts you on the cutting edge of fabrication workflow innovation.

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