PypeServer Releases Connect Plug-in for SDS2 Steel Detailing Software
June 3, 2024
Written by PypeServer

The new PypeServer Connect plug-in for SDS2 makes it far easier to select and fabricate handrail, pipe, and other elements directly from your model, sending them straight to PypeServer-driven tools without the need for any manual data entry. Supported tools include pipe profilers from Lincoln Electric (Vernon Tool), HGG, Lone Star Cutting Solutions, and pre-2020 Watts. Also supported are automatic saws and linear positioners from TigerStop, RazorGage, Kentucky Gauge, Scotchman, RMT, and others.

In addition to taking the pain out of handrail and pipe fabrication, PypeServer Connect for SDS2 has a number of features to streamline your fabrication workflow. Connect correctly handles fittings, intersections, and weep holes and can convert weld, tee, and elbow fittings into fabricated pipe. Connect also lets you modify bevel angles and root gaps based on end conditions, and round-up hanger rod and strut lengths so you can bundle them for cutting, and maps model properties before export so they can be printed on a part label as text or a QR code at the cutting station. When you’re all done with design and are ready to fabricate, Connect lets you preview all the data before sending your cut lists directly to our Cloud or saving them locally as a PypeServer-native file. You’ll find a video overview of PypeServer Connect for SDS2 here.

PypeServer Connect is compatible with both SDS2 2023 and SDS2 2024. You can learn more on the SDS2 Toolbox site and if you want to give Connect for SDS2 a try, just download it from the PypeServer Portal.

In addition to Connect for SDS2, PypeServer has Connect plug-ins for Autodesk’s Revit, AutoCAD MEP, Fabrication CADmep, Plant 3D, Advance Steel, and Inventor Tube and Pipe design software. All versions of Connect work similarly and all are free to use with PypeServer’s machine control software.

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