PypeServer Lyte 1.3 is now available!
June 23, 2022
Written by PypeServer

PypeServer Releases Lyte 1.3.

Since its release last year, PypeServer Lyte has added numerous customer-suggested features and now controls a wide range of positioners and saws.  Lyte version 1.3, released this week, adds:

  • Powerful bundled nesting features
  • Industry-leading stock defect handling
  • Drop labeling to facilitate re-use in future jobs
  • Enhanced display options and setting security
  • Full compatibility with Kentucky Gauge positioners
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If this is your first time seeing PypeServer or if you’re not yet familiar with Lyte, please see our video library introducing the basic features and functions.  PypeServer Lyte is a cut list management software that communicates with all major fabrication platforms like MSUITE and GTP Stratus, and PypeServer Cloud.  It also accepts cut lists from fabrication desktop software including PypeServer Connect, eVolve MEP, SysQue, and Vitaulic.  With these cut lists PypeServer Lyte can control multiple material positioner manufacturers such as TigerStop, RazorGage, Scotchman and Kentucky Gauge.  Lastly, automated cut sequences can be configured with enhanced label printing.

New Features

Bundled Nesting

Bundling saves time on the cut table for larger cut lists with repeated lengths.  PypeServer Lyte offers several bundling options.  The Optimize feature makes efficient use of material by considering the number and length of stock pieces.   The cut list can be displayed in reverse order to show single and bundled cuts as desired.  Additionally, variable bundling will configure your cut list to utilize any size bundle up to your selected bundle size.

Defect Handling

Natural materials like wood often bear imperfections.  PypeServer Lyte now offers an Add Defect setting allowing you to avoid these imperfect areas.  There is no limit on the defects that can be avoided on a single material length.  PypeServer Lyte will automatically fit items from your cut list around and between defects.

Scrap Labels

Tracking scrap inventory saves on material costs.  In version 1.3, users can define a minimum length for useable scrap and PypeServer Lyte will automatically print a tracking label.  For example, if only 1 cut item will fit on a piece of stock, the software will print a label for the item in your cut list, and for the piece of scrap. 

Compatibility with Kentucky Gauge Positioners

We’ve worked closely with the team at Kentucky Gauge to integrate the features of PypeServer Lyte into their positioners.  Lyte will now work seamlessly with Kentucky Gauge the same way it does with TigerStop, RazorGage, and Scotchman.

Material Positioner Retraction

Certain materials require extra space to allow for movement when cutting.  This is done to protect the material positioner and the saw blade.  To allow that space, PypeServer Lyte has a whole series of Retraction options under Material Positioner Settings.  New within PypeServer Lyte 1.3, are options for multiple modes of retracting material positioners.  These include “as operation” which prompts the user to consciously retract the positioner between the move and the cut operation.  This is helpful when there are more steps involved in cutting such as the use of a chain snapper. 

The “on cut switch” mode tells PS Lyte to wait for the limit switch connected to the positioner to be engaged and disengaged before retracting.  The “on timer” mode allows the user to set a number of seconds to wait before the positioner is retracted. 

For all Retraction modes a new feature called “Back Off Distance” has been added.  This length represents the space where the positioner may come into contact with physical barriers like clamps and saw motors.  PypeServer Lyte will position material as requested and if the length falls below the user-defined Back Off distance, Lyte will back off to the established Back Off distance rather than the retraction distance.  We are very focused on safety and PypeServer Lyte has been specifically configured not to circumvent any default safety features on material positioners. 

Custom Display Columns Labels and Settings Security

PypeServer Lyte has dozens of default columns in our data classes that may, or may not, be applicable to your fabrication process.  A new feature has been added allowing you to customize column names for specific cut items. 

Password protection security has been added to the settings menu.  This prevents unwanted changes to settings so that important positioner, printing, and display settings are saved.  

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