PypeServer introduces the Cloudinator desktop app for use with Legacy Files
November 30, 2023
Written by PypeServer

PypeServer’s Cloudinator desktop application makes working with legacy file types a snap!

You may already know that PypeServer’s Connect plug-ins for Revit, AutoCAD MEP, Fabrication CADmep, Plant 3D, Inventor, and SDS2 make it easy to select parts in your CAD or BIM models and send them to the Cloud for fabrication.

That’s all great, but what if your design software doesn’t allow plug-ins and only produces PCF, PCD, CSV, or PSVR files? How do you get more efficient with a legacy file-based workflow?

Don’t sweat it, PypeServer’s got you covered.

PypeServer’s latest Connect plug-in isn’t a plug-in at all. It’s a simple desktop application called the Cloudinator. The Cloudinator reads any PCF, PCD, CSV, Excel, or PSVR file and sends all the parts to PypeServer’s Cloud. The result is exactly the same as if you’d sent the parts using one of our Connect plug-ins.

Once the part data’s in our Cloud, you can transfer your cut lists to your PypeServer-driven tools with just an internet connection, monitor fabrication status in real-time from anywhere, view your spools in 3D at the assembly stations or in the field, and collaborate with others…All of which makes your fabrication workflow far more efficient.

Even better, the Cloudinator works with GTP STRATUS too! Now you can take parts from Plant 3D, Acorn/SpoolFab, or any other design software that produces PCF, PCD, CSV, Excel, or PSVR files and create STRATUS packages that can be fabricated using any PypeServer-driven tool, just as if they came from Revit.

The user interface is simple: just drag the files you want to process onto the Cloudinator window and it’ll parse them and add the parts to your Cloud-based projects. Critically, the Cloudinator sends both the materials to be cut as well as all the O-lets, fittings, and intersection data, so PypeServer’s Enterprise and Lyte machine control software can create the right holes and end cut profiles for a fully automated workflow.

For an even simpler workflow, forget about file drag-and-drop and just set Cloudinator up to monitor specific folders on your computer and automatically upload whatever files your design software saves there. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Of course, the Cloudinator includes comprehensive parameter mapping for both CSV and PCF files. You can set up different mapping templates for different file sources and easily switch between them. With our parameter mapping, any data that’s in your Cloudinated files can be put on a part label, including QR codes that link to our 3D spool viewer, URLs for your isometric drawings, or anything else you want.

Just as PypeServer’s Enterprise and Lyte machine control software turbocharges older fabrication tools, the new Connect Cloudinator gives your proven design software a range of new capabilities to simplify and modernize your fabrication workflow.

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