PypeServer Enterprise 3.7 is now available!
April 14, 2022
Written by PypeServer

PypeServer Releases Enterprise 3.7

  • New Olet Lookup System
  • No Grind option for Miter Cuts
  • Advanced features for Nesting, Data Selection, and Part Diameter.
  • Enhanced features for Lincoln Electric’s Vernon Tool Systems
PypeServer Enterprise is the world’s most popular CAD/BIM to fabrication workflow software, with world-class features that let you pull designs directly from your model to cut on multiple machines. 

This release introduces a powerful new Olet lookup system, No-Grind Miter Cuts, the ability to reorder and skip cuts across an entire nesting, checkboxes added to all major data grids for easier selection, an optional Nominal Diameter value for parts, and a whole lot more!

Here are some of the feature highlights in PypeServer 3.7.  Please visit the PypeServer Enterprise page for more information.

New Olet Lookup System

PypeServer Enterprise 3.7 incorporates a powerful new Olet lookup system that can be used to automatically modify parts during importing with the Olet specifications defined in lookup tables. For example, a hole for a generic Olet may be specified with a nominal size of 1” and no bevel while the Olet fitting from your preferred supplier may require a 1.315” hole with a 22.5-degree bevel angle. The Olet lookup system allows you to define rules that will automatically recognize the generic Olet and modify the part with the hole size and bev