PypeServer Compatibility with HGG’s RoboRail Makes for Easy Handrail Fabrication
June 7, 2024
Written by PypeServer

PypeServer is pleased to announce that its Enterprise SM software is now compatible with HGG’s RoboRail, greatly facilitating handrail and pipe fabrication for RoboRail owners.

HGG’s RoboRail is an advanced, all-in-one robotic plasma cutting tool designed to handle the fabrication of various complex parts, making it ideal for creating structural steel components like stair stringers and platform reinforcements. The RoboRail is also capable of cutting round pipe from 1″ to 10″ in diameter with wall thicknesses up to 3/4″.

PypeServer Enterprise SM offers a suite of features that enhance capabilities of the RoboRail, including automatically creating holes for O-lets and branch pipes, as well as automatically creating end cuts where pipes intersect. Once the parts are cut, Enterprise SM can generate QR-coded labels designed with an easy to use drag-and-drop label designer.

Enterprise SM includes PypeServer’s Cloud service and Connect plug-ins for a wide range of design software packages, including AutoCAD Advance Steel®, SDS2®, AutoCAD Fabrication CADmep®, AutoCAD Plant 3D®, Inventor Tube and Pipe®, and Revit®. Of course, Enterprise SM can also import exported CAD files in PCF, PCD, FIX, CSV, STEP, and other formats.

It can be challenging to fabricate handrail and pipe designed in structural steel programs like AutoCAD Advance Steel and SDS2 but PypeServer’s Connect plug-in make it simple. There’s no manual data entry, just select the parts to fabricate directly in CAD, use Connect send them via the Cloud to Enterprise SM at the RoboRail, and Enterprise SM will automatically generate the end cuts weep holes, and other features and drive the machine. Any CAD parameters you desire can be mapped to PypeServer and used on part labels along with heat numbers and other information.

There’s no better way to cut handrail and pipe on the RoboRail or any of HGG’s pipe profilers.

For more information about PypeServer Enterprise SM and its features, visit PypeServer. To learn more about HGG’s RoboRail and its specifications, visit HGG RoboRail.

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