PypeServer Announces Major New Feature Updates and Free Product Bundles
October 21, 2022
Written by PypeServer

PypeServer Cloud is now even better and it’s FREE with Lyte and Enterprise

When we first introduced our PypeServer Cloud service, it was intended to be an easy, low-cost means of getting parts from our free PypeServer Connect plug-ins for Revit®, Fabrication CADmep®, and AutoCAD® Plant3D® & MEP® down to your PypeServer-driven fab shop tools without any network security hassles. All you need is an internet connection in your shop and Cloud will let you (and your IT group) forget about network domains, shared drives, USB sticks, and the like.

The response to Cloud has been phenomenal. People love its simplicity, speed, support for workgroups, and real-time display of fab job progress. With our latest update, we’ve also added the ability to direct specific jobs to specific machines, which can be a huge help if you have more than one machine that could cut a particular job.

In addition to working with our own plug-ins, we’ve also opened up Cloud to our software and machine partners. Our first PypeServer Cloud workflow integration is with EVOLVE MEP®. If you’re running EVOLVE® Mechanical 6.0 or later, you can now send pipe parts directly from EVOLVE® to your PypeServer-driven tools via our Cloud service and benefit from all the same workgroup and progress tracking features you’d enjoy with our own Connect plug-ins. Coming soon in EVOLVE® will be the ability to select hangers and other non-pipe parts for fabrication via the PypeServer Cloud.

We’ve got some amazing new partnerships and features planned for Cloud in the future but the biggest one is here today: PypeServer Cloud is now completely FREE for anyone running Lyte or Enterprise! If you’re running a PypeServer-driven tool and would like to take advantage of PypeServer Cloud, just contact us for a free license.

PypeServer Connect now available for Autodesk® Inventor® Tube and Pipe

PypeServer Connect is our collection of free plug-ins for Autodesk products, including Revit®, Fabrication CADmep®, AutoCAD® Plant3D® & MEP®, and now: Inventor® Tube and Pipe.

With Connect, you can select parts for fabrication directly in your model and send them to your PypeServer-driven tools either via our free Cloud service or as a flat file, whatever suits you best.

In addition to making Connect available for Inventor® Tube and Pipe, we’ve added a number of new Cloud-centric features to every version of Connect, including the ability to create new projects and monitor fabrication progress directly in the Connect plug-in without having to go to a separate webpage.

All of our Connect plug-ins have been free from the start and now that Cloud is free too, you get a full model-to-fabrication cloud workflow at no extra cost with any PypeServer-driven tool.


PypeServer Lyte and Enterprise

PypeServer Lyte is our low-cost software for automated saws, pushers, stops, and even manual tools. It’ll let you take model data from a wide array of design software, including Revit®, Fabrication CADmep®, AutoCAD® Plant 3D® & MEP®, and Inventor® Tube and Pipe (via our Connect plug-ins) as well as MSUITE®, STRATUS®, EVOLVE® Mechanical, Trimble® SysQue® and Connect2Fab®, and send it to machines from TigerStop®, RazorGage®, Scotchman®, and Kentucky Gauge®.

With the latest release, Lyte gains a number of improvements, including the ability to make trim cuts,  the ability to manually create parts that weren’t included on a cut list, persistent cut lists even if you close the program, double cut protection, and more flexible label printing capabilities.

PypeServer Enterprise is our powerful software for pipe profilers that can take model data from all the same sources as Lyte and then some. Enterprise works with machines from Vernon Tool® (Lincoln Electric®), HGG®, Machitech®, and with our latest release, Lone Star Cutting Solutions®. Lone Star specializes in value-priced, high-performance machines that are made in Texas and backed by a strong support team. If you’re in MEP fabrication and haven’t heard of Lone Star yet, you owe it to your business to take a look. A Lone Star profiler combined with PypeServer Enterprise is an extremely cost-effective fabrication solution for small and mid-size MEP fabricators or as a second machine in larger shops.

With this release, PypeServer has also worked with HGG to add support for Enterprise’s ability to nest parts into the HGG® machine’s dead zone. This extremely popular Enterprise feature lets you use the material at the chuck end of the pipe that the torch can’t reach.  This is done by nesting from the chuck end outwards and starting with a part that’s longer than the dead zone. This feature alone can save you thousands of dollars per year in material.

Last but not least, with this release we improved Enterprise’s built-in label printing capabilities and made label printing FREE, just as it is with Lyte.

We’re thrilled to offer free label printing to every Enterprise user, and we plan to make those QR codes on your labels do all sorts of fancy things via our free Cloud service going forward. Stay tuned!

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