PypeServer Announces Lyte and Tablet bundle for Kentucky Gauge Machines
June 22, 2023
Written by PypeServer
PypeServer Announces Lyte and Tablet bundle for Kentucy Gauge Machines

Introducing PypeServer’s New Lyte and Tablet Bundle for Kentucky Gauge Machines

Kentucky Gauge has established itself as a leading provider of accurate, industrial-duty material positioners that can handle stock up to 14,000 lbs. Thanks to their integration with PypeServer’s Lyte software, Kentucky Gauge’s positioners can now integrate with a wide range of design software, cut large numbers of parts quickly and with minimal waste, print labels, and monitor job progress. PypeServer Lyte can run on any Windows PC you already own and costs as little as $150 per month or $1500 per year.

For shops that don’t already have a computer to run Lyte, PypeServer’s made it easy to enhance your Kentucky Gaugy by offering Lyte bundled with a Microsoft Surface tablet in an industrial housing. This rugged package comes with everything you need to get started and running for full a year for only $3000.

Overview of Lyte’s Core Features for Kentucky Gauge Machines

Lyte includes numerous features that improve the efficiency of your Kentucky Gauge but the most significant features are nesting and label printing.

Nesting: Nesting is the process or organizing parts to be cut so they fit on a piece of stock with the minimum amount of waste. Lyte has the most powerful nesting functions in the business. Even if your cut lists contain multiple materials in multiple sizes Lyte will automatically organize them by material type and size and as soon as you tell Lyte what stock length you’re using, it’ll nest the parts on the stock to minimize material waste. If all your parts don’t fit on a single piece of stock, Lyte will nest over multiple pieces and tee them up for cutting. If your stock pieces are mixed length, it’s no problem, Lyte will re-nest on the fly. If you have parts that are higher priority than others, Lyte will automatically take that into account. Lyte can even nest parts around defects in your stock. If you’re cutting a lot of parts of the same length, like all-thread for hangers, Lyte can even bundle stock so you can cut multiple pieces at a time.

Label Printing: Lyte has a built-in label template editor that allows you to put a wide variety of static and variable data on your labels. In addition, you can put graphics and one or more QR code on your labels to suit different label shapes, materials, jobs, customers, or whatever else you decide should have its own template. Labels can be printed out in advance of cutting or, more commonly, printed one at a time as each cut is made.

In addition to part labels, Lyte can print labels for drops. Once a nesting is cut and if the leftover stock is long enough to be usable, Lyte can automatically print a label that notes what it is and its exact length so it be easily re-used for later jobs.

Finally, Lyte can also print joint labels, which can be used to facilitate post-cut fabrication processes like welding or grooving.

Lyte Connects Your Kentucky Gauge Machines to Your Upstream BIM and CAD Software

In addition to its core features for machine control, a key benefit of Lyte is that it can accept cut lists directly from most any BIM or CAD tool. If you use Autodesk’s Revit, AutoCAD, Plant3D, Fabrication CADmep, or Inventor, the easiest and most cost-effective way to get parts from your model to your machine is with PypeServer’s Connect plug-ins and Cloud service. Both Connect and Cloud are included for free with Lyte. PypeServer’s Connect plug-ins let you select assemblies to fabricate from the model and send them directly to your Kentucky Gauge via our Cloud service with just an internet connection. Lyte can also connect directly to Revit-based design and fabrication suites from MSUITE, STRATUS, BuildCentrix, and others using their own cloud API connections. A key feature of Lyte’s cloud integrations is its ability to provide real-time updates on cut status and other fabrication process parameters, giving everyone involved a clear view of progress.

Of course, Lyte can also take in data in a variety of industry-standard file formats like CSV, PCD, PSVR, and PCF. Programs that can export files in these formats include Victaulic Tools for Revit, SysQue, Evolve Mechanical, SPOOLCAD, Acorn Pipe/SpoolFab, Codeware COMPRESS, SSI ShipConstructor, AutoSPRINK, and many others.

After the Cut: PypeServer Cloud Improves Assembly Downstream from Your Kentucky Gauge

PypeServer’s Cloud service, which is included with Lyte, does far more than just transmit data from BIM & CAD to your Kentucky Gauge and provide real-time cut tracking. For shops that have more than one PypeServer-driven machine, it also lets you direct specific cut jobs to specific machines. After the parts have been cut, it also lets you view the spools in our 3D Viewer on any device with a web browser just by scanning a QR code on the part label. This lets your assemblers know where the parts fit within the spools to speed assembly and prevent mistakes. If you’ve got an automated welding system from Rotoweld or Novarc, you can even use our Cloud service to send them weld recipes just by scanning a label.

Up Your Kentucky Gauge’s Cutting Game

Your Kentucky Gauge has probably already earned its keep in your shop by providing an accurate, reliable boost in productivity. However, it can do so much more when it’s combined with PypeServer’s Lyte software. Now, with a one-stop, turnkey solution for adding Lyte to your Kentucky Gauge, it’s never been easier take the next step towards enhanced productivity.

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