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PypeServer and MSUITE announce FabPro integration.
June 15, 2021
Written by PypeServer

PypeServer and MSUITE are pleased to announce that PypeServer now integrates seamlessly with MSUITE’s FabPro software. Spools staged from FabPro automatically appear in PypeServer without the need for manual export/import. During the data handoff from FabPro to PypeServer, custom FabPro data fields can be mapped to corresponding fields in PypeServer to preserve all relevant part information in the PypeServer database.

After handoff, PypeServer gives the shop the opportunity to add root gaps and tweak designs for manufacturability. In addition, nesting can be adjusted to account for pipe defects and to minimize material waste. Once the parts are cut, PypeServer automatically reports process timing data back to upstream to FabPro to allow end-to-end process optimization. If change orders come down at any point in the process, they’re handled gracefully.

PypeServer and MSUITE will be demonstrating our integrated operation at the Advancing Prefabrication meeting in Dallas this June 15-17. Please contact us to reserve a demo slot at the meeting or any time afterwards via Zoom.

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MSUITE helps BIM, Fab, and Field Construction Teams build with less risk and higher profits. FabPro Automates real-time production and material logistics direct from the shop floor.

PypeServer Enterprise 3.7 is now available!

PypeServer Enterprise 3.7 is now available!

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