PypeServer 3.7 takes the pain out of O-lets
July 11, 2022
Written by PypeServer

O-lets can increase pipe spool design flexibility and save fabrication time

O-lets (AKA branch fittings) are forged fittings that make it easy to create reinforced branches from a run pipe at 90 and 45 degrees. Compared to fabricating a branch from scratch or using a tee fitting, they save welding time, are physically smaller, are self-reinforced, and can have better flow characteristics.  In addition, O-lets are available in a wide variety of styles, including those for butt welded or socketed branches, flanges, nipples, threaded connections, laterals and a number of other specialty styles.

The challenge in fabricating with O-lets

O-lets streamline pipe spool fabrication but they can inadvertently complicate it too.

The biggest issue in fabricating with O-lets is that the hole you cut in the pipe for the installation of the O-let often needs to be larger than the set-on size specified by the O-let manufacturer in order to allow for sufficient weld access. To complicate matters, the amount the hole needs to be opened up, the reference surface used in cutting the hole (inside or outside diameter of the pipe), and the degree of bevel can all change depending on the run pipe size.

How PypeServer 3.7 takes the pain out of O-lets

PypeServer Enterprise version 3.7 adds the new O-Let Lookup Table feature. When CAD or BIM files are imported into Enterprise, the software automatically recognizes O-lets by type, brand, size, and other parameters. It then finds the various O-lets in a table that specifies the shop’s preferred size hole to cut for each one. Critically, those custom hole sizes aren’t determined just by the O-let itself, they can also be a function of run pipe size and other parameters.

For example, the same 1” O-let may call for a 1-5/8” hole on the outside of pipes with ODs of 3” – 6” but a 1-7/8” hole on the outside of pipes with ODs of 8” – 24”, with a special exception for 16” pipe that calls for the O-let hole to be referenced to the pipe’s inside wall instead of the outside wall.

This powerful feature in PypeServer Enterprise 3.7 ensures that your pipe profiler will produce exactly the right sized holes for your O-lets with a minimum of pain and labor.

“Now, using PypeServer Enterprise’s O-let lookup tables, the software recognizes every occurrence of “Anvilet” in the PCF file and automatically adjusts the holes for each size O-let so they’re cut to the exact diameter the welders want. Our shop has standardized on Anvil brand O-lets but the software can do the same thing with Bonney Forge and other brands, even if they’re mixed in the same spool. You just set PypeServer up once with the O-let names to look for and the hole modifications you want for each size, and it handles it automatically from there on out.” – Mark Caudle, Shop Foreman at W.E. Bowers

Generating weld-ready cuts directly from CAD and BIM.

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