Fabrication Workflow Software

Pre-2020 Watts Machines with PypeServer Software

PypeServer helps reduce cost and cut parts quicker on Pre-2020 Watts machines.

Reduce the costs of pipe fitting, grinding and filling by cutting parts more accurately. PypeServer provides actual CNC cut-paths that account for cutter kerf, plasma beam divergence, custom bevels, root gap offsets, torch swirl direction, lead-ins, lead-outs and pierce angles.

PypeServer’s retrofit community is a network of companies who can service, support, and upgrade your older Watts machine to make it “better than new” at an affordable price.


Update Change Orders

Easily update change orders and track jobs by knowing what has been cut – and when.


Advanced Nesting

Save hours by nesting parts right at the machine, where operators maximize pipe use and quickly respond to welders’ needs.


Label Parts

Optional: Uniquely label parts with CAD Design IDS, pipe heat numbers, QR codes, customer, job, and spool number.

Success Stories

Case Study:

PypeServer Enterprise’s new O-let lookup table feature helps W.E. Bowers get more from their pre-2020 Watts profiler.


VDC-to-Fabrication Workflow

“Our machine operators save at least 12 hours per week by importing the PCF files directly into PypeServer Enterprise. Based on that, I figure we’re saving about $35,000 per year in labor for each machine. Add on time saved with the new O-let functionality, and there’s tens of thousands more in labor costs saved.”

Improved Fabrication Workflow

Increased value from pre-2020 Watts machines.

Easy Implementation

Product Reviews

The #1 fabrication automation software on the market!

Justin Powers

VDC Manager, A&R Mechanical

“With PypeServer, we can nest multiple spools and even whole projects on one piece of pipe. Tasks that took a couple of hours before can now be done in 10 minutes.”

Jamie Garza

Detail Manager, Silicon Valley Mechanical

“We’re getting 2-4X the productivity from our Vernon with PypeServer. The process has gone from a page-by-page spool sheet review that could take hours, to a quick five-minutes.”

Eddie Morrill

Director, Morrill Industries

The ability to learn the PypeServer program quickly and the ease of operation makes training new machine operartors easy.  It’s an easy transition between employees.”

The #1 fabrication automation software.

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