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PypeServer Lyte 1.2 Offers New Features for Fabricators.
March 21, 2022
Written by PypeServer

The latest release of PypeServer Lyte enhances the capability of TigerSaws, Scotchman saws, and RazorGage AutoList-driven tools.

PypeServer, the leading manufacturer of fabrication workflow software announced several updates in its PypeServer Lyte 1.2 release. Significant upgrades include enhanced functionality for TigerSaws, Scotchman saws, and RazorGage AutoList-driven tools in addition to TigerStop and RazorGage positioners and stops:

  • Added MSUITE, GTP STRATUS, and Trimble SysQue importers
  • New PCF and CSV importing templates
  • New cut prioritization controls, printable cut plans, heat number tracking, and cut history tracking
  • Allows use of mixed metric and imperial units
  • Dark Mode for PypeServer Lyte 1.2
  • New nesting, stock grouping, and cut priority features

See the latest updates in the full product video.

PypeServer Enterprise 3.7 is now available!

PypeServer Enterprise 3.7 is now available!

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HGG Open House in Houston, TX, April 7th

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