Join us for PypeServer’s Exclusive Presentation at MEP Innovation 2024!
January 8, 2024
Written by PypeServer

Join us at MEP Innovation 2024 for a game-changing presentation featuring PypeServer and Therma, LLC!

PypeServer is thrilled to announce its featured joint presentation with Therma, LLC at MEP Innovation 2024. Our session will showcase Therma’s model-to-fabrication workflow using PypeServer software.  Learn how Therma turned prefabrication for pipe and pipe hanger assemblies into a competitive advantage.

Event Details:
MEP Innovation 2024
Visit PypeServer at Booth #208
January 29-31 | Orlando, FL

Presentation Details:
Developing an Automated All Fabrication Workflow presented by Therma, LLC and PypeServer
January 30 at 3:00 PM | Bonnet Creek Salon 12

Presentation Highlights:

“Developing an Automated All Fabrication Workflow”
  • Time and Material Savings: Learn how leveraging a BIM or CAD design model for fabrication can save time, reduce material wastage, and enhance overall project efficiency.
  • Mistake Prevention: Discover how working directly from design models eliminates errors and discrepancies, ensuring a smooth and error-free fabrication process.
  • Off-Site Fabrication Facilitation: Explore the benefits of off-site fabrication, making the construction process more streamlined and efficient.
Focus on Therma’s Mixed Workflow:

Our presentation will specifically spotlight Therma’s mixed Revit and AutoCAD fabrication workflow, addressing the challenges of using different CAD and BIM solutions for various projects. The session will cover:

  • Selection of Pipe, Plumbing, and Hanger Assemblies: Learn how to seamlessly integrate these components directly into your models.
  • Cloud-Based Fab Shop Management: Explore the power of PypeServer software for effective management of fabrication processes in the cloud.
  • Nesting, Cutting, and Labeling: Dive into the details of using both automated and manual tools for nesting, cutting, and labeling components.

Who Should Attend:

  • MEP Professionals
  • VDC and Design Professionals
  • Engineers
  • BIM Managers
  • Fabrication Shop Managers
  • Anyone interested in advancing their knowledge of cutting-edge fabrication workflows

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and witness firsthand the power of PypeServer in collaboration with Therma, LLC. Mark your calendars and be part of the revolution in MEP innovation!

For more information and to register, visit the 2024 MEP Innovation Conference home page.

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