PypeServer announces new Plug-Ins for SysQue Exporter, Revit and AutoCAD
September 11, 2021
Written by PypeServer

New and Improved Trimble SysQue Exporter

Both Trimble and PypeServer have been working to improve and expand the integration between our products. The initial fruits of that effort are included in Trimble’s SysQue 8.3 release, which can export directly from the Revit model to PypeServer using PypeServer’s native PSVR file format for complete and accurate part data.

To see the new SysQue 8.3 release in action, click here.

If you’re currently using PypeServer with SysQue and you upgrade to SysQue 8.3, just let us know and we’ll set you up with our new SysQue importer at no charge.

New PypeServer Connect Plug-Ins for Revit and AutoCAD

If you’re currently exporting PCF files to PypeServer from Revit or AutoCAD, we’ve got a better solution. The new PypeServer Connect plug-ins for Revit and AutoCAD allow you to select spools and export them directly into PypeServer’s native PSVR file format.

Customizable data mappings help organize pipe cuts to fit your organization’s needs and the plug-ins support Revit Family Content, Fabrication ITM Content, and Plant 3D content. PypeServer Connect is compatible with Revit 2019 – 2022 and AutoCAD 2019 – 2022. You can find a brief video overview of PypeServer Connect with more information here.

The new PypeServer Connect plug-ins for Revit and AutoCAD are ideal for PypeServer users who aren’t already using Trimble’s SysQue, MSUITE’s FabPro, GTP’s STRATUS, eVolve Mechanical, or Allied’s Fabrication Tools. Both plug-ins are available for free on the Autodesk App Store and come with a free trial of our PypeServer Connect importer license, just contact us to set it up after you install the software. If you decide to switch from the PCF importer to the PypeServer Connect importer, you won’t pay a penny more.

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