How to cut Unistrut Pipe Hangers Using PypeServer Lyte
May 5, 2023
Written by PypeServer
How to cut Unistrut using PypeServer Lyte

PypeServer Lyte helps fabricators extend the model-to-fabrication workflow to Unistrut pipe hanger assemblies. 

MEP Contractors can now extend their fabrication process to cut Unistrut pipe hangars using the latest version release of PypeServer Lyte for positioners, automated saws, and even manual tools. Parts lists for strut, all-thread, and virtually any other material cut on a stop saw can be sent directly to automated cutting tools from TigerStop, RazorGage, Kentucky Gauge, and Scotchman.

For those in pipe spool fabrication, PypeServer is a name that carries weight. The company has revolutionized the model-to-fabrication-to-assembly workflow, offering advanced tools that help make fab shops more productive. For example, CAD Designers and Detailers can easily translate models into cut lists with PypeServer Connect plug-ins,  send them to the Fabrication shop floor via the PypeServer Cloud, where automated machines controlled by PypeServer software nest and cut parts with minimal waste.  

How to cut Unistrut hanger assemblies using any automated tool (5 Easy Steps):

If you’re looking for tips on how to cut Unistrut hanger assemblies using automated tools, you’ve come to the right place. To simplify this process, we’ve distilled it down to five simple steps: selecting parts from your CAD/BIM model, transferring cut lists to machines on the shop floor, nesting parts, configuring tracking and assembly detail for labels, and field assembly using our 3D Viewer. With these steps, you can prefabricate hanger assemblies quickly and accurately. So, let’s dive in and set you up for successful automated fabrication.

1. Select parts & hanger assemblies for fabrication with PypeServer’s free Connect plug-ins for Revit, AutoCAD, Plant 3D, and Inventor

Our Connect plug-ins send parts directly from the model without publishing or waiting. For shops already using MSUITE, STRATUS, SysQue, Connect2Fab, Evolve, and other industry-specific CAD products, it’s an easy solution. Native API integrations are available for every major design tool, as are CSV, PSVR, PCF, STEP, file importers.

Regarding prefabrication, cut lists are critical to keeping projects on track and on budget. With PypeServer Lyte you’ll learn how to cut Unistrut easily by seamlessly generating cut lists for complex assemblies that include hanger dimensions, vertical and horizontal part lists, cantilevers, and connection locations for fabrication on automated stop saws and material positioners.

By compiling information on critical details, cut lists can help ensure that all necessary materials are accounted for in the cutting and assembly process. From hanger assemblies to electrical conduits, precise and accurate cut lists can save valuable time and resources by streamlining processes and minimizing waste.  

2. Export hanger assembly cut lists using our free Cloud service

With our free Cloud Service, you can send cut lists without pesky file transfer issues. However, the benefits continue beyond the ease of file transfer. You can also create custom projects and workgroups, allowing you to organize and manage your team’s progress. Plus, if you need to direct jobs to specific machines, our Cloud Service is the perfect solution. Best of all, you can monitor fabrication progress in real-time, ensuring every project runs smoothly and efficiently. So, say goodbye to the headaches and frustration of traditional file transfers and embrace the simplicity and ease of our free Cloud Service.

3. Nest parts to reduce waste from you positioners, saws, pipe profilers, and even manual machines

Using our nesting algorithms, you can achieve significant efficiencies in your fabrication process. Our algorithm allows for the nesting of parts from multiple spools and jobs on the same piece of stock, enabling you to maximize your material usage while avoiding defects. PypeServer Lyte also supports bundled nesting, allowing you to load multiple pieces of stock on your saw to cut and label same-length parts in a single action.  With these advanced features, you’ll save valuable time and material costs, increasing the profitability of your operations.

4. Label Parts with QR Codes for Better Project Management

Advanced labeling makes it easy to track parts, reuse scrap material, and speed up assembly in the field. 

With the flexibility to design your part labels, you can include QR codes, graphics, and essential information. In addition, you can create separate label templates for parts, drops, and joints.

5. Combine Unistrut pipe hangers assemblies and spools with our 3D Viewer to Expedite Field Assembly 

With PypeServer’s Cloud 3D Viewer, field teams can receive detailed assembly instructions for Unistrut pipe hangers just by scanning the QR code on a PypeServer label with a phone or tablet. The 3D Viewer provides a dynamic and immersive experience that assists field teams in visualizing the project installation process. With its customized features, PypeServer’s 3D Viewer offers a comprehensive toolkit for field teams to view and analyze each project in detail, ensuring accuracy and quality in execution. This cutting-edge technology allows teams to work more efficiently and effectively, saving time and resources while delivering high-quality results.

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Hanger assemblies are essential for MEP prefabrication projects and streamlining their fabrication can make a world of difference. Following these five simple steps ensures that you’ll know how to cut Unistrut with a process that is effective and efficient. With the correct setup, you’ll be able to cut parts quickly, making jobs more organized and reducing the time field teams spend assembling. And if you need assistance refining your workflow or finding the right automation tools for your job, reach out to our team of experts for a free trial – they’ll help optimize your operations and have you creating assemblies with confidence.

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