HGG and PypeServer announce partnership for software integration on pipe profilers.
November 21, 2020
Written by PypeServer

Partner Profile: HGG Profiling Specialists

HGG is a well-established manufacturer of pipe, box, beam, and pressure vessel cutting systems. Based in the Netherlands and with over 170 employees worldwide, the firm is six times bigger than its nearest European competitor, giving it an unrivaled depth in product engineering, manufacturing, and support. The firm is also unique in that it both manufactures advanced profiling machines and uses them to provide cutting services to clients via its in-house shop in the Netherlands. This blended business model means that HGG is constantly testing and improving its products using the same performance and reliability criteria as the customers who buy its machines.

HGG has been doing business in the US since 2000 and recently increased its footprint with the establishment of facilities in Florida and Texas. With its US-based service
organization HGG provides a high level of support to its more than 120 North American customers and is well-positioned for growth as the company increasingly targets the mechanical contractor market.

PypeServer is the only third-party software that’s factory authorized by HGG for use with their machines. HGG’s partnership with PypeServer makes its machines even more suited to the mechanical contracting market by giving them broad compatibility with the CAD and BIM design tools and unique workflows employed in mechanical fabrication.

HGG Launches the New ProCutter 900 RB

To better address the mechanical contractor market, HGG recently introduced the new ProCutter 900 RB pipe profiling machine. This profiler features a pipe diameter range of 2″-36″, advanced material handling, aggressive pricing, and full compatibility with PypeServer. The ProCutter 900 RB, combined with PypeServer, sets a new benchmark for productivity at an affordable price point. Check out HGG’s 2 minute video on the new machine. The US launch customer for the ProCutter 900 RB is MMC Contractors. MMC already uses PypeServer in another facility and we’re pleased to be their software choice for the first ProCutter 900 RB in the US.

In addition to the new ProCutter 900 RB, PypeServer is compatible with most HGG machines. With a PypeServer upgrade, your HGG machine gains the ability to import spools from a wide variety of CAD and BIM tools, print QR-coded labels that link to drawings and other docs, maintain pipe and part inventory, and unify operation with other machines in your shop and across your facilities. Please contact PypeServer if you’re interested in a PypeServer upgrade for your HGG machine.

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