Elevate Your Fabrication Game: Integrating PypeServer Software with Your Scotchman Cold Saw
August 23, 2023
Written by PypeServer

Integrating PypeServer Software with Your Scotchman Cold Saw

Fabricators are increasingly relying on automated machinery and workflow software to stay competitive. One way to greatly increase the speed and efficiency of your fabrication workflow is to integrate PypeServer Lyte software with Scotchman Cold Saws. In this article, we’ll explore how Scotchman’s line of saws and measurement systems works with PypeServer Lyte so you can take your fabrication game to new heights.

Scotchman Cold Saws: Excellence in Fabrication

Scotchman Industries has been manufacturing fabrication equipment in the United States for nearly 70 years. Their comprehensive range of cold saws can be coupled with the company’s Digital Measuring Systems, Semi-Auto Positioning System, Full Auto Feed System, or Digital Caliper Table to accommodate multiple fabrication needs. Whether you’re a small-scale workshop or an industrial giant, there is a Scotchman cold saw to suit your requirements.

Circular Cold Cut Saws are precision cutting tools for both ferrous and non-ferrous materials. When working with ferrous materials, the cutting approach involves rotating the blade at a low RPM, akin to a milling operation. The result is a fast cut that’s burr-free and that doesn’t heat the stock.  These characteristics make cold saws ideal for ironwork, metal fabrication, and pipe and tube up to 3 inches in diameter. Scotchman’s rugged construction and precise cutting capabilities make them indispensable for cutting carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and other materials.

PypeServer Lyte Software Multiplies the Productivity of Your Scotchman Saw

Whether you’ve got a Scotchman saw with a fully integrated computerized positioner or just a manual version, PypeServer Lyte can help you realize both labor and material savings. Typical savings with Lyte are at least 20% in labor and 5-10% in material, even with just a manual saw.  With an integrated positioner and saw, Lyte can fully automate the cutting process: just load the cut list, load your stock, hit “go”, and apply the labels to the cut parts as they print out.

PypeServer Lyte doesn’t just nest your cutlists and print labels, it also comes with PypeServer’s free Connect plugins for Revit, Autocad, Plant 3D, and Inventor and PypeServer’s free Cloud Service. With Connect and Cloud, you can easily select parts for fabrication directly from your model and transfer them to your saw with just an internet connection. Job progress is updated in our Cloud web portal so everyone in your shop can track progress, and the QR codes you print on the part labels can be linked to our Cloud 3D spool viewer to facilitate downstream assembly. Lyte also integrates with STRATUS, MSUITE, BuildCentrix, eVolve, SysQue, Acorn/SpoolFab, and many other design packages.

With PypeServer Lyte, fabricators can enjoy a range of benefits:

Model-to-Fabrication: Send parts directly from CAD and BIM models to your Scotchman saws, eliminating errors, duplicated cuts, and lost files. PypeServer Lyte automatically updates the cut status for each part, keeping VDC and Fabrication teams informed throughout the process.

Nesting Algorithms: Optimize material usage by nesting parts efficiently on stock. Advanced features include bundled nesting and labeling, which boosts hanger prefab and other fabrication tasks. Minimize waste and even label reusable drops for use on future cut jobs.

Defect Detection: PypeServer Lyte allows operators to work around material defects, saving time and resources.

Versatility Across Machines: This integration isn’t limited to cold saws – it extends to bandsaws, snappers, roll cutters, Tee pullers, and other shop tools. 

Part Labeling: Create part labels with QR codes, graphics, and essential information for organized production.

3D Spool Viewer: Visualize dimensioned and tagged spools for easy assembly in the field. 

Easy File Transfer: Seamlessly transfer cut files to machines with just an internet connection.

Cut Any Material: From copper to lumber, tackle diverse materials confidently.


PypeServer Lyte can multiply the benefits of your investment in a Scotchman cold saw by improving your workflow not just at the saw but also upstream in design and downstream in assembly. As the industry continues to evolve, embracing workflow software is essential to keep a competitive edge. If you’re ready to learn more, contact the PypeServer team to schedule a product demo and see what advanced fabrication automation can do for your shop. 

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